Zenprise, Inc. today announced the general availability of Zenprise MobileManager version 4.0. This new release automatically monitors, troubleshoots and manages end user issues in BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) environments, keeping enterprise BlackBerry users up and running. Version 4.0 gives organizations running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Windows Server 2008 Active Directory an end-to-end view of the BlackBerry messaging environment. Additionally, the latest version provides native support of Windows Server 2003 x64. The 64-bit architecture allows Zenprise to provide unparalleled performance to those customers significantly growing their BlackBerry deployments.

MobileManager 4.0 Pricing
Pricing begins at $35 per user for 1000 users.

To learn more about Zenprise proactive troubleshooting for BlackBerry environments, go to http://www.zenprise.com/blackberry.

"With Zenprise, we are able to automate the troubleshooting of BlackBerry problems," said Geoff Rinella, Email Administrator, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt. "The software doesn't just monitor the BlackBerry Enterprise Server; it monitors the health of the entire BlackBerry service -- including the Exchange environment. MobileManager 4.0 has enabled us to expand this monitoring and troubleshooting coverage for Exchange 2007."

"Mobile devices are today's mini-computers and BlackBerry service is an enterprise-class, mission-critical, complex, distributed application," said Jasmine Noel, principal analyst with Ptak, Noel and Associates. "Yet enterprises are finding that the economics of applying the traditional break-call-fix support approach to mobile services doesn't work. What is needed is a new approach to supporting enterprise mobile services, one that combines proactive problem identification and automated troubleshooting processes so that support interaction involves pushing a resolution to the user. Companies like Zenprise are championing such an approach."

"Properly managing a company's Blackberry messaging environment is costly and complicated," said Ahmed Datoo, Zenprise Vice President of Marketing. "New tools are needed to automate mobile service management and Zenprise's MobileManager 4.0 provides IT administrators with the ability to automatically troubleshoot BlackBerry service problems."

Zenprise not only monitors the BlackBerry Enterprise Server environment, it is the only solution that also checks wireless network availability, Active Directory health, BlackBerry SRP availability, carrier availability, WAN/LAN network performance, and overall Microsoft Exchange server health. Unlike traditional monitoring solutions, Zenprise's solution identifies the root cause of user issues and provides detailed resolution instructions to fix these problems.

Zenprise 4.0 Key Features
Zenprise for BlackBerry includes unique features to help troubleshoot problems across the broader BES environment:
-- BlackBerry Monitoring Service Broadened: Ability to manage those availability and performance issues on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 that impact the BlackBerry service.
-- Native Windows 64 bit OS Support: Zenprise Management server can install and run on Windows Server 2003 x64 server. Inclusion of 64 bit support is critical to helping organizations manage growing, increasingly distributed BlackBerry environments
-- Tighter Active Directory Integration: Active Directory groups can map directly to VIP dashboards -- the VIP dashboards auto-populate based on users in the AD group. Zenprise's role based permissions (e.g., Help Desk view, Operator view, Administrator view) now mapped to security roles in Active Directory.
-- ZenPro Enhancements: 500 new troubleshooting workflows were added to the product, bringing the grand total to 6,500. ZenPro automates these workflows, running diagnostic tests to identify the root causes to thousands of problems across the mobile service. ZenPro is like having 100 of the smartest mobile experts in a box.