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I promised myself I would never be on of those people that creates a forum ... Server Admins forum

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    Question Blackberry Model 8800 Deactivating


    I promised myself I would never be on of those people that creates a forum account to post seeking (read: pleading for) assistance when he/she has reached his/her witts-end, but desperation compells me. So here goes...

    One of my clients has been experiencing problems with his Blackberry dating back to when I was still in my mother's womb, and I have now inherited them. Activation of his device has failed umpteen times in the past, until recently, when it was successful and everything had been performing swimmingly. However, several days ago, while roaming overseas, he began having issues with his device, mainly intermitent mail service on the EDGE network in Toronto (Rogers). Now, as of yesterday, a formerly fully activated (all service books incorporated ) device is now listed as "98% activated" while it initializes the 'Time Zones' (and does not appear to be progressing at all). The device is still functional, but reliability of service is now in question.

    Does anyone have any theories/answers regarding how an activated device can deactivate itself? Could roaming have contributed? No other clients encountered similar problems, BES service was not interupted and no changes were made to his BES account.

    Here is some general info:
    Carrier: Orange Israel (
    BB Model: 8800
    Company BES, Supports several hundred users.
    We are using BES 4.0 or above (exact version I am unaware of)
    I am prematurely aging as a result

    Note: I am not a Blackberry administrator, but I liaze with the team that does quite often. I'm just the whipping boy for the client (read: Customer Support.)

    I'd be more than happy to do my best to provide all the information you may require to assist.

    Thank You,

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    If you could get the exact version of the BES (ie 4.1.4) that would be great.

    Did you do a device wipe and then reactivate? Try that and see if it still hangs.

    Let us know, and welcome to PinStack!

    ~via BB (

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