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Hi we have a Blackberry server running 4.0 version and 2003 Exchange Server.... If a user deletes an email from his/her inbox from Outlook 2003 it does NOT delete it from the users Blackberry phone. But when the user deletes mail out of his Blackberry and hits the RECONCILE mail is deleted on Outlook but not the other way around. Seems all the setting on the client Blackberry phone is correct--- I went to the EMAIL RECONCILIATION SETTING---> DELETE IS ON MAILBOX AND HANDHELD--->WIRELESS RECONCILE IS TURNED ON--->ON CONFLICTS, MAILBOX WINS IS ON.

Do you thnk it might be a problem on the server side? Every user is having this issue on 3 different types of phones. 8700, 8800 and Blackberry Curve.

Any ideas?