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BlackBerry Desktop software installation - BES only Here are the basic instructions for installing your ... Server Admins forum

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    BlackBerry Desktop software installation - BES only


    BlackBerry Desktop software installation - BES only

    Here are the basic instructions for installing your BlackBerry handheld device for use with the BES. When new features are introduced, these instructions will be modified to include any new steps that will be required to access those features.

    1. Make sure the BlackBerry device and been BES activated on the BES server.

    2. Install the BlackBerry 3.6 software on the 'client computer' (for Windows clients, Macintosh clients must be installed on a separate Windows computer for at least the first synchronization) choosing all the defaults during the installation except you must choose BlackBerry Enterprise Server instead of Desktop Redirector.

    3. Install the BlackBerry Cradle into a serial port on your computer (if you have a BlackBerry 957, also plug in the power cord and hook it into the serial connector that is plugged into the computer). Put the BlackBerry device in the cradle.

    4. Run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager Application.

    5. Go to Options and select the Hide when Minimized option:

    6. Go to Options and select Serial Settings:

    7. Hit the Detect Button and the software will find the BlackBerry device in the cradle

    8. Move the mouse around to create a new encryption key.

    9. Follow the steps for updating the BlackBerry device software.

    10. In the Desktop Software go to the Intellisync choice and make sure the first three check boxes are checked:

    11. Click the Auto start... button and make sure all three check boxes are checked and click OK:

    12. Click the Configure PIM... button:

    13. Double click on the Address Book choice and you will be presented with several choice for applications that the BlackBerry can synchronize with. Choose one e.g. MS Outlook 2002 and click OK:

    14. Follow the same step for the Calendar (choosing MS Outlook Wireless Sync), Memopad and Tasks and you will end up with a set like the following picture. Click OK and then click Close for the Intellisync window:

    15. Double Click on the Redirector Settings. You will get a window that looks like the following picture. Clear out Auto-signature and place whatever text you would like to have displayed at the end of all your email messages (or nothing at all).

    16. Click on the Filters tab and uncheck the two default filters. At the bottom of the window, where the option for "When none of the above rules apply:" choose "Forward message to handheld".

    17. Take the device out of the cradle and put it back in. This will now add all the calendar, contacts, folders and other Outlook information into the BlackBerry.

    18. Once the synchronization is complete, go onto the device and turn on the wireless networking (if off) by finding the antenna icon and clicking on it. You will see a signal strength indicator in the top right hand corner of the device. You should then start receiving messages.

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    Re: BlackBerry Desktop software installation - BES only

    Please how can I use my Blackberry 7290 bluetooth with other phone that has bluetooth because it always fail at the final stage that is puting the PIN.

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