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I wanted to know if anyone has taken the Blackberry Administrator courses offered by Blackberry? ... Server Admins forum

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    Blackberry Admin Training


    I wanted to know if anyone has taken the Blackberry Administrator courses offered by Blackberry? Either Exchange or Lotus Notes.. If so, can you tell me what was covered. Does it offer certs or any documentation for coures taken. Also is it worth pay for and taking the class?

    Please let me know any info on this..

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    Re: Blackberry Admin Training

    I took the Exchange course both the 1 day and 2 day courses. There was no cert but they are working on it from what I hear. You can find more information here. I was very pleased with the amount of information in the courses.

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    Re: Blackberry Admin Training

    This is what i recieved from RIM last week regarding the certification classes. ( Sorry, i have had to remove any URL's and the email address in order to post this. Please contact me if you would like the URL's)
    Hope this helps.

    Hello Lee,
    Thank you for your interest in BlackBerry Certification!

    The BlackBerry Certification Program is designed to validate the skills and knowledge of BlackBerry products and services for a variety of job roles. These roles will align with the stages of BlackBerry deployment:
    Plan and Design
    Manage and Monitor
    Support and Troubleshoot
    The BlackBerry Certification Program will be solely based on successful completion of the required certification exams, there are no training prerequisites. Exams for each of these roles will be launched over the next 12 months, and these will be made available via test service providers to employees of RIM partners, service providers, customers and the general public. The exact costs for the BlackBerry certification exams have not yet been finalized, however we anticipate these fees to be comparable to other IT Professional certification programs.

    The target availability dates for each of the certification streams are:
    Certified BlackBerry Support Specialist ű Fall 2007-Winter 2008
    Certified BlackBerry Enterprise Server Administrator ű Fall 2007-Winter 2008
    Certified BlackBerry Technical Consultant ű Winter-Spring 2008

    While training is not a prerequisite to attempting a BlackBerry certification exam, information on current BlackBerry Training offerings can be found at: . As exams are released further details on the specific topics covered and study options will be made available.

    We have added your contact information to our mailing list and will notify you of updates to the BlackBerry Certification Program. Updates will also be made available at

    BlackBerry Certification Program
    Research In Motion
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    Re: Blackberry Admin Training

    Cud you pls tell us where this BB certification is conduct? what is the fee?

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    Re: Blackberry Admin Training

    Could you send me the links to ?


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