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    BIS to BES


    I'm thinking about experimenting with BES with my Verizon Pearl:

    I'd use the available demo Exchange Server 2007 virtual machine from Microsoft, and BES Express.

    I've got a few questions about the process:

    1. Does Verizon need to know about this? In other words, do I need to switch my package from BIS to BES if I only use BES for a few weeks?

    2. Is moving to BES fairly straightforward? What about moving back to BIS? Can someone give me a quick and simple overview of the process once I have all of the components running?

    3. Is moving from BIS to BES, and back, destructive to the phone? That is, will the applications and data get wiped each time?


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    1. Yes, you will have to call Verizon and let them know so they can activate it on your plan or it will not work.

    2. Yes, especially with all the walk throughs and instructions on the Stacks here it is fairly straightforward. I do not know your level of expertise with Exchange, SQL or BB's so I cannot say wether or not it will be easy for you. If you search for BES on Exchange 2007 a tone of information will come up. Make sure to read and do all your research and it will go smoothly.
    3. No. It will not affect the phone. Worse case scenario you have to wipe or resintall an OS and thats if you mess up REALLY bad. You can always deactivate it from the BES and go back to BIS any time you want.

    Again, there is a ton of walk throughs and install documents here on the Stacks. Blackberry also has documentation to help.
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