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A few weeks ago, I mistakenly removed a user from the BES, and after readding ... Server Admins forum

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    BES won't assign PIN for particular BlackBerry on the BES


    A few weeks ago, I mistakenly removed a user from the BES, and after readding the particular user, activating etc, no PIN was assigned on the BES. The user didn't complain of any issues so we assumed that somehow life went on as usual. Apparently mail stopped coming through at that very point and she just got around to letting us know about it.

    Wiping the device and attempting to reactivate yields the following:

    1) Encryption gets verified when attempting to activate
    2) It then bombs seconds after with the following message "An error occurred. Please contact your System Administrator."

    Checking application event log on the BES shows the following warning "{troubled user account} Old OTAKEYGEN packet is cancelled, Tag=886454"


    I've just since tried activating the same BlackBerry in question with a different user and it went fine. So at this point we can assume that the issue is specific to the original user. Unfortunately, i'm still unsure what to make of it all...

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I would delete the specified user and remove there profile. Then assign the device back to htem, after you have recreated there profile in BES. The problem looks like it is in there profile from your edit.

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    Yeah I would remove the user from the BES and make sure to delete all blackberry information. Once you have removed them add them back and reactivate. Before you reactivate make sure to wipe the device as well.

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    I just had the same issue happen to me and tried deleting the user, removing information from BES etc, and still no luck. After talking to the service provider, I found out that they had provisioned the BB account up with a personal Internet BB service and not an Enterprise account. Once they changed this and repushed the service books, the service activated fine.

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