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I've been toying around with Unite, and I was wondering if anyone could sum up ... Server Admins forum

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    BES vs. Unite!


    I've been toying around with Unite, and I was wondering if anyone could sum up the differences between Unite and a full-fledged BES server, besides the 5-user limit. Also, is it treated as a BES from the carrier side?

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    In short, Unite! is for up to 5 users, and allows them to share a common calendar. The admin can enable/disable features on each phone.


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    Don't really have much time to write a full review but I'm sure someone else will. Unite! is a scaled down version of BES. The calendar sharing however is a different feature that BES is currently not meant to do.

    Many features in BES are not found "enabled" in this product. Simply said some of the UI's are a way to generate a limited set IT Policy. You cannot "legitelmely have the granular control of devices that you would via the BES IT policy.

    Some users try "activating" BES features by hacking Unite! I would strongly discourage this as RIM has tracking features to detect this and ban PIN's if they deem necessary.

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