I have ran into an issue whilst migrating the BlackBerry SQL database from our BES server to our SQL Cluster, I have been following the RIM KB03112 - How to move the BlackBerry Configuration Database to a new Microsoft SQL Server instance.

I have ran through the document, when I get Task 4 - Configure the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, For BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 4.1, install the database notification system section, I have edited the NotifyInstall.sql file and replaced "_DATABASENAME_" with the name of our database "BESMgmt" and ran the script.

I got an error message advising that it could not continue as the database collations do not match, on investigation the BES database collation is set as Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS, but the SQL Cluster collation is set as SQL_Latin_General_CP1_CI_AS, so for the time being we have rolled back the migration until we can find a way around this, any help would be appreciated.