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    BES Server Vs. Hosted Solution


    What are the advatages and disadvantages to using a Hosted BES Service versus using an in house BES server? Do I get all my services if I use a hosted service? Will I get my tasks, calendar, etc... pushed to my Blackberry while on the road like the way I did when I set up the BES server in house at my previous job?

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    Re: BES Server Vs. Hosted Solution

    Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server -- New Offering Enables Service Providers to Offer a Hosted Managed Service of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution to Small and Medium Sized Businesse

    Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server is the ideal wireless solution for businesses that are already outsourcing their email systems. This solution seamlessly integrates with your hosted corporate email and allows you to leverage the services your hosting provider offers to get your email wirelessly.

    Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server offers the security and functionality of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution through a fully outsourced version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server. You don't need to buy, install or manage server software. Your business can go wireless with no upfront software costs, deployment overhead or ongoing IT support costs.

    For your small business, this means you’ll be able to maintain multiple channels of communication with your customers, increasing the immediacy of your responses and your ability to keep customers satisfied. Plus, you can purchase Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server through the partner that knows you best, whether that's your wireless carrier or preferred solution provider.

    Why go wireless with Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server?
    Get more from your budget and resources by using Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server to go wireless:
    • Add secure BlackBerry mobility to your email and business applications with per user pricing
    • Focus on running your business instead of managing technology
    • Work smarter by improving communication between workers
    • Make time away from your desk more productive and get more out of your day
    • Get out of the office without being cut off from customers and colleagues
    • Seamless integration with existing hosted email and business applications
    All the BlackBerry Features You Need
    Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server provides secure, wireless access to*:
    • Hosted business email - IBM® Lotus® Domino®, Microsoft® Exchange or Novell® GroupWise®
    • Phone
    • Internet and intranet access
    • Organizer applications – calendar, contacts, task list
    • Business applications – contact management, inventory control, time and billing, bank transaction tracking, mileage managers, stock tickers and more
    • Instant messaging
    • SMS
    • And more...
    How to Buy
    Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server is available through hosters, including wireless carriers and solution providers. To get started, simply choose the Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server option you need from your hosting service provider’s list of offerings. Contact your current wireless carrier or solution provider for more information.

    Interested in selling Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server?

    If you're a wireless carrier or solution provider and you're interested in providing your customers with Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server, please contact Research In Motion (RIM) at 1-877-255-2377 and choose Option 4 for Sales.
    You can also find out more by downloading our Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Hosters brochure (PDF).

    BlackBerry Enterprise Server for:Other ResourcesHosted BES/MDS Services:

    - ExchangeMyMail
    - Bell Canada Hosted Exchange
    - CoreFusion
    - eOutlook
    - Intermedia
    - Internoded
    - Lanlogic
    - MI8 Corporation
    - MobileWeb4U

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    Re: BES Server Vs. Hosted Solution

    Hi knesbit, welcome to pinstack. Now thats an answer to your question huh...

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    Re: BES Server Vs. Hosted Solution


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    Re: BES Server Vs. Hosted Solution

    Wasn't there a 10% off coupon somewhere on here from one of the hosts?

    **edit** Looking through it was exchangemymail but I can't find the link that was here for the 10% off for pinstack members.
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