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i own a blackberry curve with AT&T BIS. i would like to get my exchange ... Server Admins forum

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    BES questions??


    i own a blackberry curve with AT&T BIS. i would like to get my exchange emails on my blackberry curve. right now i have my outlook to foward all new emails to a gmail acct. what a pain in the butt when i want to respond to an exchange email. now, i'm interested in upgrading my BIS to BES on AT&T. with an BES acct, can i still grab my exchange emails on my curve, even when we dont have a BES on our exchange? can the AT&T BES grab my exchange emails like OWA??

    your comments are appreciate it.
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    Re: BES questions??

    No. adding the bes feature does nothing unless you have a bes hooked up to your exchange server. If you can access your exchange server from OWA or other similar types you should be able to set it up on the BIS to fetch the email for you.

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    Re: BES questions??

    Some clarifications:

    1. BES servers must be tied to their email servers. If you're asking about getting BES to work with your current Exchange account then whoever hosts your Exchange account would need to be running the BES server. You can't use someone else's BES server with your email server.

    2. at&t doesn't have BES (not for its clients anyway). They offer you BES data plans as an option. This only grants you access to a BES. You need to either have a BES server or find BES hosting. With BES hosting, you'd need to use your hosting provider's Exchange server (see #1 above).

    Can you not integrate your Exchange account with BIS via OWA?

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