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Hello, I have an 8130 on Verizon set up on a BES. I have a ... Server Admins forum

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    is my BES preventing my pop 3 emails from downloading to my desktop?


    I have an 8130 on Verizon set up on a BES. I have a home office and a traditional office, but only the computer at the traditional office has outlook set to access the exchange server emails.

    I want receive email on my home computer via pop3. I can configure outlook to SEND with this account, but am unable to have outlook receive any emails that are sent to this account. Not exactly sure why, but i think it has something to do with emails being redirected to the blackberry, instead of to the second desktop.

    Can anyone help?

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    BES is only the mediator between your messaging system and BB device. All messages that were received from your blackberry was just a copy of your original messages from your inbox. Meaning to say, BES has nothing to do with your second desktop (Pop3). You have to ask your admin if you have the right setting at home or verify if Pop is already enabled.

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    On our exchange enviroment, everyone has access to POP3 and null said its possible that you exchange account has POP3 and IMAP to your admin and see what's up with your policies.

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