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Hi, We are looking at setting up BES for Exchange 2007, we are in a ... Server Admins forum

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    Question BES Ports



    We are looking at setting up BES for Exchange 2007, we are in a walled environment where I have to apply both for outgoing and incoming ports to be opened, does anyone know the list of ports and protocols required for BES, MDS, IM etc.?

    Also, is it possible to use VPN so that the clients can use applications such as Opera on our Blackberry data package without opera going directly on the internet and us being charged for data?

    Many thanks

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    Re: BES Ports

    James, with Blackberry functionality, IM, MDS, etc., you will want to confirm with the initial setup documentation for specific port confirmation. This is available from directly. It is always good to confirm directly with Blackberry for specifics. I just don't have the docs handy to reel them off to you as I reply to this post.

    VPN is not requred on the handset. As far as data charges, browsing is only a small percentage of the total data package. Email delivery and PIM synch will be 90%+ of the data volumes anyway. You really only need to be aware of data volumes if you travel internationally and do not want to pay for umlimited or a 100MB type of data volume limit globally.

    Email will be your volume killer. It is almost impossible to estimate data sizes, it really depends on the individual users habits on email usage, do they open attachments, etc. If you are in the US, t-mobile has the cheapest unliminted blackberry price plans. You can shop around.

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    Re: BES Ports

    ~via BB (
    The default ports are 3200 SRP,3101 PIM,8300 MDS, 8080 MDSS http, 8443 MDSS https,5060 LCS/IM.

    Cheers, Peter

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