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Hi We are having trouble assigning new IT polices to our BES users. We can't ... Server Admins forum

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    BES Policy Component



    We are having trouble assigning new IT polices to our BES users. We can't change a user from the default IT policy to any other policy. I think we have a problem with the policy component.

    When in the BES console if I click on the policy component under Component view, the console just returns me to the home screen. All other component views are displayed correctly.

    I have tried doing an in place re-install on the BES server but this hasn't helped. We recently removed an old server manually from the database that still showed in the console even though it had been decommissioned some time ago. I don't know if this may have anything to do with the current policy problem.

    Apart from the policy issues everything else is working fine.

    Is there any way to reinstall the policy component or create a new one?

    Thanks in advance

    BES 5.0.3 x 2 (HA mode) both on Windows 2008R2
    Single SQL 2008 database on Windows 2008R2

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    Hey Marky,

    Your first post on PinStack and nobody's helped you yet. Hopefully we can get somebody to chime in here soon. Stay tuned.....

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