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I'm relatively new to pinstack and wish I would have found it sooner. I have ... Server Admins forum

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    BES or Device Issue?


    I'm relatively new to pinstack and wish I would have found it sooner. I have an 8700r and a 8100 (both through Rogers). I just activated the 8100 and I am having problems with the Address Book. When I did the BES Activation - it looked like it worked but the addresses don't sort properly (i.e. first name), can't find folks, it isn't cross referncing when i dial a phone #, etc. Don't know if its a Pearl issue or a BB/BES issue.


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    Re: BES or Device Issue?

    Just to let you know I had a similar address book problem. I got my Pearl and decided to just copy all my #s from the SIM card to the ADDY BOOK. It failed miserably. It would show the download bar as if it were loading the numbers to the phones addy book but when I searched the addy book "nathans" "nada" "ZILCH" I tried everything from getting a 1Gig card to taking off the battery. I finally returned the phone to TMOBILE store and they transferred the same SIM card and microsd card to another Pearl and it worked flawlessly. It might be your phone it seems that some Pearls come deffective out of the box. Just like anything else in this world. Now I love the phone cant put it down. Just wish the Media Player was easier to work on.

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    Re: BES or Device Issue?

    ~via BB ( the Address Book you can sort contacts different ways. I have a 7290 with 4.1 OS but I assume it is probably done the same way. Go into Contacts, click your trackwheel/ball, scroll down and select Options, and one field should be "Sort By:" and you can sort by first name, last name, or company. I think this is what you're loking for. Hope it helps.

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