Hi List,

I am new to the BB server stuff.
I am not able to understand about BES and MDS (web services) in particular.

How can I make BES contact my Application?

I have a application running on corporate network on port 80 and 6667 (IRC).
I want to access this on my BB device. I have a client to access application on BB device.

My scenario is:

(1) BB handheld Device <--> (2) Firewall( port open xyz) <--> (3) BES server (port open abc) <--> (4) Application running on port 80 /6667;

I am not sure how things work at BES server? BES installtion asked for Exchange server which I am not dealing with that.
Later after googling around I found about the MDS intergation so that all I want to do it expose my App (4) to BES. And whatever data comes to BES should be pushed to (4)App.