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Sorry for the long post but I want to be as detailed as possible so ... Server Admins forum

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    BES IT Policies Override Desktop Redirector


    Sorry for the long post but I want to be as detailed as possible so please bear with me. I have a bit of a complicated problem that goes beyond the typical "how do you override an IT policy..." issue, so here goes:

    My company runs a BES with T-Mobile devices. The BES has an IT policy that prevents outgoing calls ("emergency calls only"), as they have had issues with employees racking up HUGE voice charges while roaming internationally.

    I recently purchased a Verizon branded 8830 that I wanted to hook up to the BES while retaining my personally funded verizon voice service on the device.

    After much back and forth with the BES admin and his supervisors, I was unable to get approval to amend the IT policy to allow outgoing calls (they were afraid of setting a precedent that would leak over to company owned devices). They did however, agree to give me local admin privileged on my desktop machine so I could install the Desktop Redirector.

    I installed the desktop manager and configured the install for BES/Desktop Redirector, hooked up my device and began the config for the redirector. Unfortunately the program automatically found our BES server and registered my phone with the BES (i may have skipped a screen and hit next w/o paying attention, but it was pretty auto pilot if you ask me). I didn't want to risk damage to the phone by yanking the USB cable in mid transfer, so I let it go, thus applying the BES security policies to my personal 8830. YES, I actually locked myself out of making calls on my own phone.

    After wiping and applying the .bin registry fix, I was able to remove the IT policies from my device and regain full control over the device.

    Now I'm back to square one again without a solution. Is there a way I can override just the outgoing call policy w/o altering anything else? It seems that even after the registry fix, the IT policy will prevail once the device reconnects to the BES.

    I can't use the redirector.

    Right now they let me set up an exchange redirect rule to my address, but there is a HUGE problem with that method in that when someone sends me a message with multiple recipients, only my name appears in the "to" when its redirected, thus I can't tell if anyone else was on the email, nor can I reply to all.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    One of the hallmarks of the BES is the central manageability. Imagine the issues if people everywhere were able to do the same as you.

    In short, you cannot override the BES. If you look through these forums you'll see lots of warnings telling people to not connect their personal blackberries to a corporate BES because, depending on the BES policies, they will lose functionality...just like you found out.

    Having said this, I must commend you on your successfully finding and going through the steps to remove the BES policies from your personal blackberry. If you had done this on a corporate blackberry my praise would have become admonishment.

    Remember that the BES and the blackberry communicate to each other and if the BES sees that the policies were changed it will automagically reset them back to the ones stored on the BES.

    All in all, I think your company is addressing the symptoms instead of the root cause. The international calling is a human behavior issue that manifested itself through technology. Thus the individual(s) behavior should be addressed, not the tool--technology. I say this as both a degreed engineer and as a degreed human resources professional.

    I wish you well.

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    does your company have OWA or POP enabled. If so you can setup a BIS integration using that to receive the email on your device.

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    if your company allowed you to use your personal phone on their Bes with you paying the voice portion they will need to create you a IT policy that has the property Phone Allowed set to true and apply it to your Bes account. Otherwise you have the same restrictions as everyone does which Denys phone calls

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    I recently had a similar situation. In short I said this is a company BES and your using a personal device so I have no obligation or want to make changes to accomodate you. It didn't help that they weren't the friendliest individial and tried demanding things. Anyways, I think if you want to be connected to a company server you abide by the rules and permissions set. You could always use BES express and host your own. That's my 2 cents.
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