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Ey up everyone, I have seen a very starnge thi9ng this morning. One of our ... Server Admins forum

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    Lightbulb BES GONE MAD (20Gb download in 2 days)


    Ey up everyone,

    I have seen a very starnge thi9ng this morning. One of our clients has bee running BES for a couple of years and had no problems at all.

    This weekend, starting on friday at around midnight the BES seemed to go mad and started downloading something (dont know exactly what at the moment) And kept going, around 300Mb every 15mins until the client hit their download limit and they were disconnected by the ISP.

    They also have a 2003 SBS Server which has ISA on it, so when i generated a report fo rthe last 2 days i saw that the BES had downloaded around 20Gb since friday night. According to ISA blackberrysyncs made 36% of the requests in the 2 days covered by the report i generated.

    Has anyone seen this before?

    It seems to have stopped now, i restarted the blackberry services and that seems to have sorted it. I am interested as to why it's done it.

    Any one got any ideas?



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    That's just f-ing weird! Try asking Hayden he may have an answer for you.

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    What specifically was it downloading?
    it's always greener with the other carrier...

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