Hi everyone,
Sort of new to the whole Blackberry thing, I'm posting my upgrade/migration plan here and hope maybe you all can poke holes in it. Maybe bring up something I have missed or haven't thought of.

Here's the run down:

Currently running BES 4.0.6 for Groupwise 7.0.2 (Client on the BES server is Groupwise 6.5 SP1)
OS is Windows 2003 Server
Database is MS SQL 2000 SP4 Enterprise

My plan is to migrate the Current BES to a VMWARE server, and keep it running there while I blow the old box away and bump up the RAM to 8GB and install W2K3 R2 x64 OS. Then I would install BES 4.1.4 and Groupwise client 7.0.2, however I would back up the config DB and then point the BES software to the current 4.0 configuration database have it upgrade the database and then use the 4.1 BES Mgr to move the users from the old BES server to the new BES server. After all the users were moved I would decommission the Virtual Server and just run on the physical box.

That's it, basically in a nutshell, although I do have some questions:
  • Can I give the new server a different name with affecting the config DB?
  • Do I have to stop the services on the old BES server for the upgrade to the DB?
  • If it goes sideways on me, is it just as simple as restoring the backup copy of the 4.0 DB and restarting the services on the 4.0 BES?
  • Is is better to use SOAP vs object API for connecting via Groupwise?
If anyone can offer any advice or suggestions I'd appreciate it. From what I've read I'm pretty sure I can pull this off this way however I might of overlooked something...