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Two questions for the experts. We're running BES for GroupWise 4.1.x, with MSDE as the ... Server Admins forum

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    BES for GroupWise, MSDE & Sql Express


    Two questions for the experts. We're running BES for GroupWise 4.1.x, with MSDE as the database, supporting about 40 users. We expect to add 10-12 more users in the coming months.

    Q1: Is there a practical limit to the number of users supported using MSDE? Our database size is way lower than the MSDE 2GB limit, but someone recalls a post on a Novell site saying that they had problems when the number of users hit 50. Others say we're OK into the several 100's.

    Q2: With MSDE being replaced by SQL Server Express, is there any experience with that changeover, and is it supported by RIM? I've seen tech notes on moving from MSDE to the full SQL Server, but not to the new freebie.

    Thanks much.

    Joel Markowitz

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    Re: BES for GroupWise, MSDE & Sql Express

    A1: There may be performance issues with running BES on a server with a local database. I am not aware of a limit or any guidline to give you. I belive there is support document from RIM that lays out system requirements based on number of users.

    A2: As far as I know with SQL Express the only difference from the full SQL 2005 in this instance is that SQL Express is limited to local connections only, as is the MSDE.

    Hope it helps.
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