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    BES Express questions


    Hi, I'm a newbie but I did read all the posts on the 8830 last night.

    In the past I've used Treo's and Q's with exchange active sync. Currently I'm using Desktop redirector which seems to work OK except the redirect emails that show up in my inbox and quickly disappear don't always disappear when I'm accessing webmail from home (30 lat night).

    If I download and install BESX is this any big advantage over the redirect other than the obvious of leaving my desktop on all the time? Should I use the same install guide in the BES 2007 exchange sticky for the BESX version?

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    Re: BES Express questions

    It gives you the ability for more functions MDS. Policys and different things.

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    Re: BES Express questions

    In my opinion it is far superior to redirector. IMHO redirector doesn't work worth a darn, and if you feel you are capable of installing and setting up BESX successfully then I would recommend it, hands down. Aside from the MDS, and policies, the main benefit to me is the wireless sync. This is something you can only have on BES, not to mention higher levels of security and more functionality overall.
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