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Hi guys, Just joined this wonderful site and from reading it for a few months, ... Server Admins forum

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    BES event logs and ETP emails


    Hi guys,

    Just joined this wonderful site and from reading it for a few months, I'm impressed at the amount of info on here. Anyway, enough backside kissing for one day.

    OK, question one: Running BES 4.1.0 at the mo (yes, I know I need to patch to 4.1.2) and am shocked at the amount of event logs I can see in event viewer. All warnings, so nothing major. It's just a case of my users not actually having there devices on all the time, so contacting them pretty much doesn't happen some days. Was wondering though. Is there a way to stop the BES from reporting warning messages to the event viewer?

    Question two: Totally unrelated to the above, so apologies. When at a customer site recently, installing there BES 4.1, there setup was to show the BES ETP .dat file messages in the users mailbox on activation, however, on our server which was installed by somebody else, we don't ever see these emails in our mailboxes when activating, so could somewhere point me in the right direction to where hiding these are enable/disabled? We also have BES 4.1 so not a version issue.

    Thank you for now,

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    Re: BES event logs and ETP emails

    1) If you go to the BlackBerry Server Configuration console on your BES, you should have a tab for logging. In that tab, you can change the debug level for the logging. I have not played around with it to see what the different levels show, and am not sure that this will work exactly as you want.
    2) I've never seen an option to hide these emails anywhere. Are you sure they aren't getting flagged as spam? Maybe someone else has some ideas.

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