I am currently trying to downgrade a third party application from one version to the other wirelessly from a BES.

The application v.1.0.1 was originally installed via wireline with Desktop Manager.

The application was succesfully upgraded wirelessly to v1.0.2 with a software configuration.

I now desire to downgrade to v.1.0.1 by setting a software configuration to push the old version back on the devices. Once I assign my new config to my devices and update my check status, the Application status shows as 'Downgrade Required', which is what was expected. When the BES starts the wireless push, my devices get prompted to be reset for the change to take in effect. The devices restart, clock and return to the desktop(which is the normal process after a push). The only problem is that there is no change made to the application. It is still the same version it was before the latest push. After looking up the logs, I realized that the only thing that was sent was the ITPOLICY, which was already present/applied on the devices. The application modules of the previous version(v.1.0.1) were not pushed to the devices as they are during an Upgrade.

I can't seem to find any info on the web for my problem and I am looking for a heads up. Anyone?