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    BES differences from 3.6 to 4.1+


    In the next couple months the company I work for will finally be upgrading from BES 3.6 to some version of 4.1. I am not a BES admin, but I support the end user devices. One of my managers would like to put together a list additional features that our users can expect from this upgrade. The only information I could find was really vague (i.e. enhanced attachment viewing). Does anyone know where I can find some useful info on this?

    The features that would be most interesting would be the ability to view image attachments or listen to our corporate voicemail, which is emailed as mp3s. Can expect anything like this?


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    Re: BES differences from 3.6 to 4.1+

    IIRC, 3.6 doesn't have Full OTA syncing, it's been so long since I admin'd 3.6 that I can't remember to be honest but I believe that once I put up the new 4.x server, everyone was able to do OTA syncing of calender, address books, tasks, memo's. I do believe that you can listen to .wav attachments with the new 4.1. We don't use that at my company so I can't test the .wav's. I do remember that going from 3.6 to 4.x was a total nightmare so I decided on new hardware and just created everyone from scratch instead of upgrading to avoid the headaches.
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