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I'm new to the Exchange BES, but have been running a GroupWise BES since February. ... Server Admins forum

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    Bes bonbardment time!


    I'm new to the Exchange BES, but have been running a GroupWise BES since February. I could contact our rep from RIM, but I don't want to trouble him unless I need to. He's been really good to us in areas that he probably shouldn't. Especially since we 'only' have 15 BB's. We only have 5 on the Exchange BES right now since we're in process of migrating email platforms.

    Here's a handful of other questions:

    Does deleting a message off of Exchange delete it form your BB? Is this a feature that can be enabled? I've fixed my boss's phone so that deleting off of the bb deletes it off of Exchange.

    Is there a better way to handle devices other than wipe and reactivate on teh new BES? That is easily keeping contacts etc through the migration.

    If I have a desktop backup that has known good contacts, can I restore that to a device after wiping and have that sync up to the BES one Enterprise Activated?

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    Reconciliation can be enabled by the BES

    You must reactivate on a new BES wich might require a wipe.

    Yes you can back it up with desktop manager.
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    A little more into the back up and doing an EA from Desktop Manager.

    When you open Desktop Manager it will ask you to select an email profile. If the user is connected to the exchange server, he can select his email address and then do a back up and there own Enterprise Activation from there desk without the Admin needing to do anything.

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