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Hello, all, first time here so be gentle. I do think my questions were answered ... Server Admins forum

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    BES/BIS Same Unit Clarifications


    Hello, all, first time here so be gentle. I do think my questions were answered from my searches but do want to make sure before I go and change the Company Owners settings.

    Currently he uses his email with a redirector now (I believe) with his MSN account, but the need for him to have meetings and appointments and whatever reminders "pop up" on his BB 8830 has arisen.

    So my thinking is to setup BIS if not done already and put his MSN on that, and then setup BES (hosted somewhere) for his company email so that someone in the office can edit his shared calendar basically for him as he is never in the office and he will be reminded of appts or whenver the calendar is edited.

    And lastly, he want's no one to know his company email address outside the company, so if on the BES I change the default to his MSN address will the reply address be no matter if he composes/repliess to his BES or his BIS email? By default I think it will go with where it came from on replies, but I am not sure if I can rely on that.

    Oh, and the reply or default address has nothing to do with reconciliation does it?

    Thanks for any thoughts or caveats you see.

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    Re: BES/BIS Same Unit Clarifications

    Im not sure if you can set the default send email on the BES, I think its done on the device. Also the reply and default address will not affect reconciliation.

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