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    BES and Personal BB


    I got a question for you. I have a personal BB that I have been using to get my emails for some time. We use Lotus Notes at work, and they run a BES server. I just have Notes set to forward emails under 5000 bytes, and only headers of emails over that. My question is if I connect to the company BES with my personal device, would I get charged for my data usage? I have to pay my own bills, but the company is willing to set up anyone on the BES, as long as it is deemed necessary.

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    I would not recommed this as it might have adverse affects on your personal email that you have on it. Some carriers charge more for connecting to BES and you need ot make sure that you have the correct plan if you do it. I do not connect my BB to work BES as I do not want any traces of what I do on it on BES, I use pop to check my exchange mail. I would us BIS to connect to it via pop if they allow pop access from offsite. That is what I would recommend, keeps the best of both worlds for you. You can keep your privacy and you can still check your email.

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    You'd have to ask your provider, but typically "BlackBerry Enterprise Service" (BES) which is what you'd need to connect to the BES is more expensive than "BlackBerry Internet Service" (BIS) which is what you have now. Also, some providers don't include anything else with BES service (like SMS or tethering) which is sometimes included with BIS service.

    You do get the benefit of wireless Calendar, Address Book, Tasks, and Notes synchronization with BES that you don't get with BIS.

    Check with your company first. Some firms don't allow personal email if you're connected to their BES (unusual, but they can control that).

    At my company, you can't automatically forward your (Exchange) email outside the company's Domain, so I can't set up what you have, nor are we allowed to connect a BlackBerry to our Outlook Web Access site (although I've told them exactly how to prevent this, they still haven't done it!), so you should check with your IT department before proceeding.

    Two other things. I'd be surprised if they don't pick up at least the extra cost of BES, if not the entire data plan cost.

    Also, if they allow (don't prohibit) personal email on your BlackBerry, there's no "adverse affects" from having both BES and BIS. Other than prohibiting personal email, they don't get a copy of your BIS email.

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