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I have a (personel) 8100 with a BES data plan through Cingular/AT&T. I am connected ... Server Admins forum

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    BES and Instant messenger


    I have a (personel) 8100 with a BES data plan through Cingular/AT&T.
    I am connected to my companies BES for email, and use the GMail Java App for my personel mail.

    My company has a pretty loose policy when it comes to locking down BB's as the majority of the BB's in use were not provided by the company.

    I have Google Talk installed and everything works, but I am curious as to how much detail is available in the BES logs - does it transcribe all chats?

    Also, the BB privacy information seems to indicate that if I use Media Net (the Cingular browser) rather than the BB browser then I am not going through the BES, could a BES admin confirm this?


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    Be Careful

    It all depends on what your business is. If you work a financial or health care company then I guarantee you that ALL of your emails and text messages are being recorded. Guaranteed! Here in California it is the law. Im pretty sure it is the same throughout the US.

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    Re: BES and Instant messenger

    If you indeed own your own BB, I would check with someone you know in IT. They should level with you as to what is being tracked.

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