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Hi All I have a query with regards to upgrade BES 4.1 MSDE to SQL. ... Server Admins forum

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    BES 4.1 MSDE to SQL upgrade


    Hi All

    I have a query with regards to upgrade BES 4.1 MSDE to SQL. The following procedure was listed here on Pinstack...

    Here it is, in case anyone else needs to do this...
    Upgrade BES 4.1 from MSDE to SQL2000 on the same server

    Stop All Blackberry Services
    From a command prompt, backup the MSDE Database to Disk
    Switch to the directory where BESMgmt exists
    1> BACKUP DATABASE BESMgmt TO DISK = ‘C:\backup.bak’
    2> go
    3> quit
    Stop MSSQL and MSSQLAgent Services
    Copy BESMgmt.mdf and BESMgmtlog.ldf to another location
    Start MSSQL andMSSQLAgent Services
    Go back to the Command prompt window, and switch to the MSSQL directory
    osql –E
    1> drop database BESMgmt
    2> go
    (Note) this will drop and delete the BESMgmt database from MSDE. Make sure you backed it up!!!!!!!!
    Install SQL Server 2000 and necessary Service Packs
    Open SQL Enterprise Manager
    Navigate to SQL Server Group/SQL Server Name/Security
    Right Click Logins and select New Login
    On the General Tab, click on the … Button
    Select the name of you Blackberry Service Account
    On the Server Roles Tab, select Server Administrators and Database Creators
    Close SQL Enterprise Manager
    Click Start/Run
    Make sure TCP/IP and Named Pipes are both listed and enabled protocols
    From the BES 4.1 Installation CD/Directory, copy the Database directory to the local Hard Drive
    Open a Command prompt and switch to the Database directory that you just copied
    createdb.exe BESMgmt.cfg
    (this will expand the Schema of the SQL Server Install)
    Copy the BESMgmt.mdf and BESMgmtlog.ldf to the MSSQL\Data Directory
    Re-Open SQL Enterprise Manager
    Right click on the BESMgmt database and click Detach Database
    Navigate to the SQL Data directory and rename the BESMgmt.mdf and BESMgmtlog.ldf to .old
    Copy in to that same directory the BESMgmt.mdf and BESMgmtlog.ldf backed up from before
    In SQL Enterprise Manger, right click Database and click All Tasks/Attach Database
    Browse to the newly copied BESMgmt.mdf and select it
    It should automatically find the BESMgmtlog.ldf file
    Open Blackberry Server Configuration
    On the database connectivity tab, select Change Database
    Go thru the wizard and make sure at the end Start Services is checked
    Open Blackberry Manager and verify all looks good
    Test message flow

    The only question I have is - Would we need to reactivate the users after the upgrade and will there be any downtime??

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: BES 4.1 MSDE to SQL upgrade

    I did this a while back and I know there will be down time but you don't have to reactivate the users. As far as I remember it worked as shown. The down time was at the step where you drop theDB in MSDE until you bring it all back up on SQL.

    I recently tried this procedure to move from SQL2000 to 2005 64 bit and ended up reinstalling and pointing to the new database. It moved fine, but the services would not all start back up. It was easier for me to uninstall and reinstall at that point. My BB's all reconnected without having to do anything but add the user accounts back in.

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