My environment:
BES 4.1.6 MR2
Domino 8.0.2
Approx 900 users

We Wireless EA all our users. Very rarely have any EA problems.

I have this one user whom is always having issue.
Device = 8330 ; OS
Here is the events so far:
- user reports sync issues
- delete user from BES
- remove any/all state DB's
- have user wipe device
- re-add user to BES and set EA password
- user tries EA, notes account receives network etp message, its never processed.

I've checked user filter, ACL rights, everything. I can't pick anything out.
I've tried the above steps numerous times. I've rebooted the BES, replaced the users device. I think I've covered all the steps.

I've looked at some BES logs and can't find any obvious errors??

Funny thing is, Wired activation works???

Any ideas what else I can check??

Thanks in advance.