Hello All,

Sorry if this is in the wrong area. If We are running BES 4.1.6. When facebook 1.5 was installed the contact picture sync worked perfectly. When I upgraded to 1.6, the contact picture sync was grayed out. I found the article online to import a newer IT policy, which I did. I set "disabled public social networks applications" and "disable organizer data access for social networking apps" to false. Once the policy was pushed out I was able to check Blackberry contacts application and also check Update existing photos in your Blackberry contacts list with Facebook friend profile photos. I have my blackberry sync'd to the BES using my work email. I also have my gmail setup as the BIS with the Enhanced gmail plugin. My facebook runs off my gmail account.

It has been a day now and the contacts pictures still haven't sync'd. Any ideas on how to fix this? I have tried uninstalling facebook, removing the battery, and then reinstalling Facebook but that didn't work.