I've been using BES with my Blackberry ever since I got a blackberry. I am using my own hosted BES... I did this for my company email so I could have OTA sync of contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, etc with Outlook on my office computer and I didn't see any other viable option at the time. Recently I saw that BBerrysync has been released to supposedly fill those needs for BIS users. I'd love to save a little money, but I'm wondering if anyone out there has tried BBerrysync and can offer their thoughts/opinions on the service, espiecially if you've also tried BES. What's the difference besides remote wipe capability, getting the Blackberry browser with BES, and the pdf support with BES (those are the only things that come to mind for me that BBerrysync probably won't have that I have on BES). It's a royal pain to change my plan from BES to BIS, login to my email an enable/disable BES, activate it on my phone etc so I don't really want to be switching back and forth testing things out. Hopefully you guys can tell me your experiences and that will be enough for me to feel confident that BBerrysync will fulfill my needs. Thanks!