I've had this issue for ages but as yet can't find a sure fire answer...here goes...

I have a BES5 working with Domino 8.5..all is just fine.

If I have an issue with an 8310 device that needs replacing, I backup the faulty 8310 using DM version6.

Then I restore the backup to the new 8310 working BB...so far so good. Then I do an activation ota to setup the email address of the user on his/her replacement BB.

But, and here's where I can't get it to work....any emails that were in the email folders from the backup are no longer present on the new device!

Yet, after the restore and before the activation, the filed emails are present...it's as if the activatgion just dletes/removes those filed emails from the restore.

WHY! :-)

Can anyone help me out here??

Thank you.