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    Question Assign device / No sim sync


    If i add new user in BES and hook up a blackberry to server and hit assign device, does this do the same as a wireless sync?

    I just ask as it is quite often that i need to sync a blackberry and send it so that it arrives before the sim.

    I suppose a better question might be is there a way of setting up a blackberry using the BES while there is no sim in it, so that the user can put in the sim and be up and running?

    I have tried this a few times and although i think i had one work (might have been setup in BES and i just reassigned) all the others appear to have no mail sync and one even has no calender sync.

    Any help would be awesome.

    BTW we have a BES server and no one that knows how to use it.
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    Hi, welcome to the Stacks. The device will need to be activated on your carrier's network before synchronizing with the BES. Once the device is active on the carrier's side you can activate the device over the air (OTA).
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