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    Advise on the setup of 2nd BES server


    Hi all,

    I need some advice and view on the set up of a 2nd BES server. Currrently I have one BES 4.1 server (on Windows 2003 SP1) for our Exchange 2003 server but we plan to deploy a 2nd BES server with similar specs and version as a development BES server.

    Currently, I already have the new set of SRP and CALs ready. The new BES server has been set up with the similar spec and OS version as my first BES server.

    Current BES server (BES1)

    OS: Windows 2003 SP1
    BES: 4.1.3
    BESdatabase: on a remote SQL server
    BES admin id: BESADMIN_SVC

    I plan to set up the new BES database into the same SQL Server but in separate Database but would like to ensure there will be no conflict or interuption to current BES database and BES server I understand that I will need to set up a new BES admin ID for my 2nd BES server and give a different name to my new BES database.

    Is that anything else that I need to consider and take note of for my case. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kent K

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    You don't really need a 2nd service account. You're on the right track otherwise.


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