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    Address book lookups


    We have 3 domains.
    domain3. com

    There are 3 BES 4.0 server for Domain1
    There is 1 BES 4.1 SP4 server for Domain1 & Domain2.

    We have exchange servers in domain1 and domain3. We have one GAL and we have filtered a specific set of contacts so that they are not visible to in the GAL. We have a seperate Addresslist for the same.

    On the blackberry we want the filtered contacts to appear for Domain2 and domain3 users

    One way of acheiving this is having multiple GALS in Exchange. Please suggest if there is any other workaround or solution.

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    Re: Address book lookups

    export the specific users into a public contact folder, use the users DTM within Address Book - Choose - options (i think) At the bottom you have the option to browse, this browses the mailbox and also public folders, point to the public contact list. is this what your after. if not email
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