Hi, new to managing BES:

Exchange Server 2010
BES Express

After activating 17 users OTA I am unable to activate any new users. (I just have one user left )
I deleted a existing user just to see and now I am unable to add him again too, so it seems no new activation is possible. The activation email with the ETP.DAT file remains as it is on their inbox.

So I tried to activating via USB, I read I should get an error message which I do:
"Unable to retrieve specific device attributes from the device that is connected to your computer"

So I looked up the BTSC and none of the resolutions work:

1. The BlackBerry smartphone user being assigned a BlackBerry smartphone is not a BlackBerry enabled user, or the Client Access License (CAL) has been exceeded. - BES Express is not suppose to have a limit. I removed and an existing and tried again but still same problem and now I cant add this one back again.

2. The BlackBerry service account does not have sufficient permissions to the BlackBerry smartphone user's mailbox.
Have looked into this how many times as I see this seems to be very common. Have got it checked by an Exchange 2010 support expert.

3. The BlackBerry smartphone model or PIN number is not allowed by Enterprise Service Policy.
Any is selected.

4. The Allow user wireline activation setting, under the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager information tab, is set to No.
It is set on Yes and usb fails as well.

Important to note is each time I try to activate via USB all other users BB emails stops. On the interface I see last contact time stops updating after refresh. I have to restart the Exchange Server to get this working again.

Am looking at reloading the whole thing however if anyone has any suggestions will be great and much appreciated