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As part of SP6, RIM included this nifty utility. As it's brand spankin' new, I ... Server Admins forum

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    4.1.6 - BlackBerry Calendar Synchronization Tool


    As part of SP6, RIM included this nifty utility. As it's brand spankin' new, I doubt anyone has implemented it yet. I'm considering it, but I've not determined what settings I'm going to use.

    I will run it in a logging mode for a few weeks to see the type of data it logs so I can determine the impact on our environment before I enable it for updates.

    What's your experience?

    You can run the BlackBerry
    ® Calendar Synchronization Tool on a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server to find and correct differences between the calendar entries on users’ BlackBerry devices and the calendar entries on users’ computers. You can specify the recurring day and time when the tool runs, how many days in advance of the current date that the tool checks users’ calendars for synchronization errors, and whether the tool checks calendar entries for all users, the users on a specific messaging server, or a specific user. By default, the tool writes information about calendar synchronization errors to the BlackBerry Messaging Agent log file. You can configure the tool to correct automatically the calendar synchronization errors that it finds.

    The tool is located in the Tools directory on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server installation media. The file name is TraitTool.exe.

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    Good experience so far

    I have used it once to correct a synch issue where the recurring appt was changed to a diff day - the change showed up in Outlook, but did not update in his BB. Ran the tool against the specific user and it worked.

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