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Don't know if you guys noticed but the iphone got a google calendar upgrade, it ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Wishes for the 8800


    Don't know if you guys noticed but the iphone got a google calendar upgrade, it colors the events base on your google calendar, pretty cool I only wish that existed for the 8800 that would totally rock, then we could use a SyncML client like SyncJe for Blackberry with Goosync or any other syncml server and sync directly to google calendar that advantage of this feature, image our events with a color background wouldn't that be nice.


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    Re: Wishes for the 8800

    i think alot of the problem rests with the calendar programs used for the BB. I use Lotus and there are view few options in Lotus and thus even less in my BB. I think a change within BB would force Lotus and Outlook change since so many people use them. Even Lotus's colors and mods are limited. An upgrade would be nice.
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