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suspense can by good... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Re: Why Such Secrecy??


    suspense can by good

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    Re: Why Such Secrecy??

    It can be, but look what happened with the Pearl. It took forever for accessories to come out, And by time they did, the dang thing was already scratched!

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    Re: Why Such Secrecy??

    Quote Originally Posted by Paperboy2007
    But once all of the hoopla about it coming out on Cingular on the 20th is over, what's the harm in giving a rough rollout schedule for the other carriers. We'll already know all about the device (as if we already don't know all about it) by then.
    For one thing, delays are pretty typical. Nothing kills hype about a device like offering a release date only to have to retract it and push it back. There are definitely plenty more business reasons that you're not thinking of as a consumer.

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