I think the 8800 is worth every penny. Got mine two months ago and it's a beautiful phone that works great and looks amazing. For all you that have it you probably know how awesome it looks when you pull it out of the holster or your pocket in bright daylight and it just shines like a diamond.

About the iphone or blackjack or any other windows mobile or palm device out there, there is no comparison on the seamless syncronizartion blackberry offers compared to the crappy activesync or similar program out there.

Wifi, sure would be nice but seriously people, it's a mobile device. I want to use it anywhere on demand. Not having to fiddle around choosing which wireless network I want to use for that particular session. If I am at home, that's what my laptop is for.

In the end it's my data that's most important and I love my 8800 for being a beautiful device that delivers it to me accurately and immediately without having to sync it manually or wait for the sync schedule to kick in.

So no matter what the cost is, it's an invaluable tool for my work and staying connected with friends. It pays for itself in no time.