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I am in the and there is a list but I do not see ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Question Which Patch Do I Download for the 8800 DST?


    I am in the and there is a list but I do not see a specification of which to use?

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    Re: Which Patch Do I Download for the 8800 DST?

    None, your 8800 was sold new DST ready. Should be good to go.

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    Re: Which Patch Do I Download for the 8800 DST?

    While tvquru is correct - the 8800 is the ONLY device released compliant with DST 2007 - it won't hurt to apply the patch so that, if for no other reason, the 2007 DST Patch item appears in the Options list to make it obvious!
    On your BlackBerry, simply go to:
    Wait about 30 seconds for the next page to load automatically. Towards the bottom of the page is a [Download] button. Click it to install the 2007 DST Patch. On devices with compliant firmware, the only thing that happens is an item named 2007 DST Patch is added to the top of the Options list.
    On devices that are NOT 2007 DST Compliant, you will be prompted that the device needs to be reset. If you do not reset at that point, you will be reminded four times that the device needs to reset before it does it whether or not you like it! (don't know how often you're asked)

    Alternately, if you have your sync cable and a computer with IE 6, and sufficient rights on the computer to install an ActiveX control, you can go to:
    which will install an ActiveX control and apply the appropriate patch. The control can be uninstalled through Control panel's Add/Remove programs when you're done.

    Both sites work for ALL BlackBerries running firmware 4.0 or higher, and will install the patch appropriate for the Device / Firmware of the target device. Devices running 3.x firmware MUST be updated to 4.x firmware or the patch will not be applied.

    Once applied, the item 2007 DST Patch will appear at the top of the Options list. Clicking on it will display a page with the status of the patch which can be either Applied, pending reset, or failed. If you get a Failed message, remove and replace the battery and check the status again - it may take a couple of visits to the site for it to get applied.

    We have 6,700+ BB's in my company, about 1/2 of which are in the region I support. We pushed the patch out to all devices, and in my region we got about 30 calls relating to the patch. I had ONE device that got hosed when the patch was applied. However, wiping it completely with JL_Cmder, reloading the (latest) firmware, and reapplying the patch fixed it. We had about 10 devices running 3.x firmware that could not take the patch and needed to be updated to 4.0 firmware. One device stubbornly kept reporting the patch couldn't be applied, but after a battery pull got it applied. Most of the other calls were fixed by the user by just pointing them to the above links.

    And before I get flamed, yes, you ARE CORRECT -the 8800 does NOT REQUIRE THE PATCH - but there is no harm done applying it as I can personally attest to.

    One other thing. While the Pearl is a very new device, the firmware released with the original device was NOT DST 2007 compliant. That firmware was not released until December, and while most Pearls probably have compliant firmware, why bother to waste the time asking the question - it takes about a minute or two to do the above and does no harm to the device.

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    Re: Which Patch Do I Download for the 8800 DST?

    ~via BB (

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