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I have a 8830 from Verizon; I've had it about 5 weeks now, and I ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    VZW BIS connection confusion


    I have a 8830 from Verizon; I've had it about 5 weeks now, and I have a question.

    If the battery gets weak enough, the phone shuts off the wireless connections out of self-defense. So I notice that it's suffering from low-battery syndrome and I plug it in somewhere to recharge. So far, so good.

    When I have the unit recharged, I go into the "manage connections" app and I "turn all connections on". Then I go into the "services status" and the "BlackBerry Internet Service Connection" still shows "not connected". Nothing I know how to do gets it to wake back up. As a result, the phone works, but none of the data services work at all. I've let the phone sit for varying lengths of time, but it just never reconnects. I've tried reregistering the phone, I've had the services books reloaded, I've used the "reparo" spell, I've power cycled the phone numerous times, but the only thing that wakes it back up is to open the back and pull the battery.

    I must be missing something obvious.

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    Re: VZW BIS connection confusion

    From the Manage Connections icon, scroll down to Manage Network Options and hit [Enter]. The first line - Data Services should be set to On. If it's not, simply hit [Space] to turn it on.

    While it's a pain that it does this when the battery gets that low, in my experience the battery is hard to drain in less than 24 hours. If it's draining faster than that, here's some things to try:
    • Uncheck Bluetooth under Manage Connections
    • Uninstall Push To Talk
    • Uninstall Voice Dialing (can't find how this is done, but maybe someone will post it)

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