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This is something I've searched for, and not found an answer to, yet I can't ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Question Voice-Activated Dialing only on Speaker?


    This is something I've searched for, and not found an answer to, yet I can't believe it hasn't come up before... perhaps I am just not guessing the right keywords.

    Anyway, I have a BB 8800, and when I start the VAD, the voice saying "Say a command [beep]" is coming out the speakerphone, even when I don't have that turned on.

    My old phone also had this, and it seemed to be the identical software (Moto e815 on VZW), but I could hold it to my ear when pressing the button, and just talk into it. If I purposefully turned on the speakerphone, it would also work through that.

    I find it very incomprehensible that RIM would make this /only/ work through the speakerphone, but I have dug around any audio or voice-dialing functions, and not found anything to make it work through the earpiece. I can make it only beep, but that doesn't help me, since it often does not guess the right name first, but may have it 2nd or 3rd on the list correctly. I want it up to my ear, and I want to tell it yes or no.

    So does anyone know how to deal with this? Have I just missed it by looking too hard? Am I screwed here?

    I'd appreciate some help, since I can't figure out how to find this answer on this forum, or even Google in general without turning up almost nothing but press releases in the search results.


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    Re: Voice-Activated Dialing only on Speaker?

    from what i understand it always plays through the speaker. if you are using a bluetooth headset then it will play through your headset and thats the only exception at least that i've found

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