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I just joined up because i'm in a bind. I am an intermediate until things ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    vista trouble with desktop erased handheld


    I just joined up because i'm in a bind. I am an intermediate until things don't work. I got a vista home premium laptop and network sync it with my xp home desk top. all was fine except bb desktop. I dont remember what I identified myself as when i first loaded on the desktop but things just worked. I was prompted to give an organization on vista so I used one. it loaded but no sync. I deleted software reloaded and checked the owner on the hhbb and used mike which is all it shows, thought the id might be a conflict with the organization. anyway after a while I had sucked the info from the hh and I was 300 contacts down the drain. I came back to the xp desktop and thought I would just sync up with it but after it goes through it reading of info I get to the conflict resolution area and all efforts to select the right choice leads to "unable to write or update application data" mssg. not what I wanted to hear.
    I live by this thing can i get some love from the gurus out there?

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    Re: vista trouble with desktop erased handheld

    Have you make any progress 2500dodge? Let me at least welcome you to pinstack.

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    Re: vista trouble with desktop erased handheld

    are your contacts in an email program like outlook? you can resync with that to REGAIN the contacts, or an old backup.

    i would suggest, to get this going, uninstalling and deleting all DM files off of your vista machine and starting over using this thread. be sure to download DM service pack 2, because that is the one that will work with vista

    link for DM sp2

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