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Originally Posted by nateshiner ~via BB ( u could use a sprint 8830 on verizon ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Re: verizon news out today unlocking features and allowing third party apps


    Quote Originally Posted by nateshiner View Post
    ~via BB ( u could use a sprint 8830 on verizon in order to get gps?
    I think that would be the general theory. GSM providers allow for use of phones from other carriers or manufactuers that they normally do not use. They will allow you theuse of your device, but will not support it if it fails.

    I also think this whole thing has to do with the copyright law change this past year regarding locking of devices to ceratin networks. GSM networks will unlock your devices, but CDMA can skirt around this because they do not have to allow competitors devices to be used with them. ie: buying a sprint phone and using verizon service.

    Verizon doing this is just another profit idea that will get them to attract disgruntled customers to switch to them while using their old phones. They know their is a market of people who will not switch because they do not want to buy another highend devce such as the BB.

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    Re: verizon news out today unlocking features and allowing third party apps

    I think Verizon is just making the next logical step in terms of cellular. Its a well known fact that GSM networks allow any compatible handset to be used on their networks. Both Verizon and Sprint are going to be doing the same thing. They know for a fact that they can't possibly provide every single handset that's is out there. And now they don't have to. On top of that, they now have a handset on their network that they don't have to warranty. Every time Verizon or any carrier sells a phone they take a loss. The way they make up the difference is with the contract and features. All this focus on one feature just doesn't make sense to me. Think about all the phones that have features that are specific to the network they were created for. Once unlocked those specific features go away and that person just has the specific handset they want to use. Nothing special there. And that has been happening for years.

    What I imagine will happen is Verizon will start to offer more aggressive features at more aggressive pricing. And the pitch will be a silent one. "Bring your old phone and save money. But get one of ours and an see the exponential difference."

    The future of cellular will have almost have nothing to do with how many people the network has. But rather what data features does each network provide and at what cost. To me GPS is the least of Verizon's concerns. And really a final point that I'm surprised hasn't really been mentioned yet is this move towards a more open network. Why would they do this now? In preparation for the 700 mhz spectrum up for bids next year. Though Verizon tried to fight the specifics on what the rules should be I have no doubt they'll still be bidding for some of those airwaves. With an opportunity to have phones on their network that in the past they would have never allowed. Like the gPhone. I'm just curious to see how it pans out. Could just be a ripple like Nationwide plans. ~via BB(

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