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Has anyone had any experience with using the 88## as a tethered modem? Can you ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Using 8820 as tethered modem while using prepaid SIM in ASIA


    Has anyone had any experience with using the 88## as a tethered modem? Can you include init strings and any other info??

    Has anyone used the same model of phones with prepaid SIM in ASIA? Have you been successful using it as tethered modem for dial-up??

    I'm going to Thailand and the Philippines on FEB 25.. I am searching for a solution to internet connection IN CASE i can't get to a wifi hotspot. I f anyone has any info or experience please feel free to leave some feedback and any details you are willing to provide.

    Many thanks!!!!

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    ask me
    88xx can definatley be used as a tethered modem. the initialization strings will vary based on the carrier you may use for service.

    i believe it should be technically possible to configure dailup internet service an 8820 provided that your local carrier is able to give you the correct information.

    1. the extra initialization commands
    2. the apn
    3. the dail up access number.

    with the above mentioned information properly configured, you should have no problem at all using your blackberry as a modem on a prepaid sim (theoretically).

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