What an interesting debate this is. I believe in all essence that it boils down to personal choice. Apart from my 7100V I also have a PDA. It is purely to avoid carrying around two devices that I decided to look at the Treo 750V.
I actually like the BB but its limitations can be frustrating, yet again it has clear advantages over other devices. It is clear from this forum that the very large majority of BB users have their devices for their practicality and not for the 'bling' factor.
There are so many mobile telephones on the market that do this and that but not what the BB does best - a business class telephone.
I would truly like BB to develop more - after all they appear to me to have been too long in bringing out the Pearl, possibly relying on their reputation as solid business devices, and consider other applcations, e.g. the ability in my case to carry a decent dictionary and thesaurus.
I do take on board what this forum has expressed about the Treo devices and their problems. Likewise there must have been difficulties with BBs and numerous other telephones, but at least the forum brings these matters to the forefront.