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Hi guys!! I've had my 8800 for a few weeks and something that has been ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    transferring non-email-attachment pdf/docs etc.??


    Hi guys!! I've had my 8800 for a few weeks and something that has been frustrating me has been PDF access. All I could find in the instructions was how to view PDFs when they are email attachments, but I would like to transfer it through the USB from my PC for reading. Is this possible?? It would seem so simple yet I can't do it. The media manager doesn't give me that option (although I did it anyway - sent it to the picture etc. folders, but from the media manager it isn't recognised). Is there no windows like access for doc/pdf files, or is there some part of the Desktop manager I've missed?
    I would just email myself the file, but while I'm in Canada there's no such thing as data access for pay-as-you-go customers - have to wait until I get back to Europe otherwise.
    I'd appreciate any help on this!!

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    Re: transferring non-email-attachment pdf/docs etc.??

    Have you tried putting the file on your media card then plugging your BB into the computer, then opening the storage device and taking the file from there?

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