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All right, this is getting ridiculous! I have had a few other problems with the ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Trackball won't "track" right


    All right, this is getting ridiculous! I have had a few other problems with the unit, probably configuration issues which fine, I can live with, at least for the most part the device has done what it was supposed to. But now I can’t move to the right in any application on the device! This is pretty basic functionality we’re talking about here.

    Earlier this evening I could, no problems. Now I can’t. Nothing has happened to the device in the interim, in fact I was happily playing a game of Sudoku while waiting for my daughter to fall asleep in the other room, and poof, no more moving to the right!

    So once again I find myself pleading to all of you to see if you have ideas of what I can try to get it working again. Honestly, these days I am one step away from chucking it in the garbage and getting a newer one. The main thing stopping me though is that since I live in France if I got one here it would have a French keyboard layout which I really don’t want.
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    Re: Trackball won't "track" right

    Common problem for those who carry the trackball BB in a pocket.

    Turn off the BB. Press and hold the trackball down and roll in the direction that it doesn't track. Then roll in all directions, back and forth several times. That should loosen the lint and/or dirt that is covering the connectors.

    Turn back on to confirm that it is working properly. If not, repeat the process.

    Also, dip a q-tip in some alcohol and press the tip on the ball and roll it in all drections. This will clean any oil or grease from the trackball.

    All else fails, pull the battery and let the BB reboot.

    If all of this fails, there are directions someplace on here that tell how to remove the trackball.

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    Re: Trackball won't "track" right

    This happened to me on one of my older bbs. I had some compressed air and blew the sh*t out of it and it worked fine after.

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